Student & School Group Tours


Why Tour With JayBee Travel?

JayBee Travel offers professional travel planning specializing in student and school group tours. We provide custom-tailored travel planning for student groups of all sizes and interests!

Safety First

JayBee Travel's top priority is your safety while touring. If you have any concerns, please speak with our trusted guides!

Experienced Guides

Our guides have been around the world, and are experienced in all aspects of travel and navigating new and exciting places!

Unforgettable Memories

Our experience allows us to plan amazing fun-filled trips for groups, creating memories that last a lifetime!

What We Provide

For many years, JayBee Travel has worked closely with a number of student groups and organizations throughout the Midwest. From musical festivals and competitions to educational workshops and leisure trips, JayBee will customize a tour package fit perfectly for your specific group.

Secure Transit

First-class, modern transit means are used by JayBee. Transit is equipped with essential amenities to make your travel more comfortable.

Daily Itineraries

Leave the stress of planning at home! JayBee will provide detailed itineraries for your excursion, meant to make the most out of your trip.

Expert Knowledge

While we don't know everything, we are experts in travel and will provide our knowledge about each exciting destination if and when we can!

Accompanied Travel

JayBee Travel representatives will accompany your group during your travel to ensure a hassle-free experience, round trip.

Budget-Friendly Excursions

JayBee Travel provides groups with safe, quality tours at a reasonable value that will be beneficial and memorable for your group!

Professional Service

Personal, professional, and sincere service is our standard at JayBee Travel. Any questions or concerns are taken seriously as we want you to have a wonderful experience!

"Having traveled with JayBee Travel prior, I knew of the quality of service I was to expect traveling with the company again. This time around, JayBee exceeded my expectations, putting together an encapsulating experience that was exciting for our entire group. Jason Vincent has incredible knowledge regarding all facets of the trips he plans. There was not a single thing he wasn't prepared for. As a director, I felt extremely confident each day that the kids were going to have an incredible experience, and I could rest assured that they would feel safe and cared for. There is a level of personal input, quality, and value that you do not get from large travel planners."
Mr. Daniel Melby
Director of Bands, Rock Ridge Public Schools

Student & Group Travel

JayBee Travel has experience working with a variety of different groups. Whether you're a music theater group longing to experience the magic of Broadway, or a sports team simply looking for a team bonding experience, JayBee has the necessary tools to make the most of your trip!

Class Trips

Enrich your class with an itinerary to educate, inform, and entertain student and school groups!

Groups & Organizations

Customized tours for organizations such as 4-H, scouts, school clubs, and more!

Music Groups

Take your musical group on a quality tour with festivals, performances, music workshops, and more!

Team Sports

Improve your team's bond, trust and friendships with customized tours from JayBee Travel!

Church Groups

Build lasting memories with your youth group through our safe and carefully planned group trips and tours!
"I have been using JayBee Travel with my music groups since the early 1990s...I have never been disappointed, and I won't travel with anyone else!"
James "Ben" Jaszewski
Band Director, Sibley East High School
“My trips with JayBee Travel and been worry-free. I am able to enjoy all of the activities because JayBee Travel has taken care of all the details. Meals, lodging, transportation, and performance specifics are all well-planned and organized."
Lenore Strouth
Vocal Music Director, Sibley East Schools

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Reach out today to inquire further about our tours and how we can help cater an unforgettable experience for your and your group!

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