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Since 1973 Jaybee Travel has stood apart from other travel companies because of our diversification in customized and pre-designed Group Tours, Student Tours, and Cruise vacations. Our Tour Operators are devoted to each excursion and we are anxious to share our knowledge and expertise to ensure you have a well-planned tour or dream vacation! JayBee Travel is fully insured and licensed and members of Cruise Lines International Association and Nippon Travel Agency America, Inc.

Our Mission

Where Sincere Professional Attention Is Our Standard.
We proudly stand by our mission statement and it is our guarantee to you that we are committed to providing you with first-rate service in the design and delivery of your travel arrangements.

JayBee Travel has established a positive reputation in the assisting, designing, and escorting of tours for special interest groups, schools, church groups, and sports teams.

We want to say a big “Thank You!” to our repeat customers. Your loyalty and referrals are greatly appreciated and we look forward to welcoming new clients to our “travel family” where you will find out that “sincere professional attention is our standard”.

JayBee Travel Team

Since 1973, we have provided guided tours by motor coach, air and water of Minnesota, the continental USA, and internationally.

Jason Vincent, JayBee Travel Tour Operator/Owner

Jason Vincent

Tour Operator/Owner
Welcome to JayBee Travel! I have been booking, organizing, and leading adult and student groups across the country since 2015. I am also a co-owner of a group of restaurants in Northern Minnesota – The Boat Club Restaurant & Bar in Duluth, and the Vanilla Bean Restaurants in Duluth and Two Harbors. I look forward to having you join me on one of our tours soon!
Jeff Anderson, JayBee Travel Tour Operator/Owner

Jeff Anderson

Tour Operator/Owner
In high school, I attended a National Youth Leadership Conference in our nation’s capital and have been leading student and adult group tours of Washington DC since 1995. I am originally from Ely, Minnesota, a co-owner of three northern Minnesota restaurants, have worked with numerous elected officials in Minnesota and Washington, and have served as the President of the Duluth City Council. Over the past 26 years, I have enjoyed sharing my knowledge of history and government with the thousands of travelers.
Sue Beck

Sue Beck

Previous Owner/Group Tour Specialist and Operator
I grew up in Duluth, Minnesota and for the past forty years, my home has been on the Iron Range in Virginia. I began my travel career as a Travel Agent in 1977 when airline tickets were handwritten and there were only three airfares to choose from! After 21 years of serving the public as a Travel Agent, I decided to branch out on my own, purchased JayBee Travel, and began specializing. designing and guiding customized group tours and student travel. After 43 years of following my passion and serving the traveling public, I have hopefully given others many memorable and remarkable experiences. As the saying goes “Do what you love and you will never work another day”. That is true to a point and worked for me!

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not answered below, please feel free to contact us!

The process is quite straightforward, and it’s our ultimate goal to curate a trip that bests fits your desires! First, we’ll get in contact and learn a bit about you and your group. 

Depending on your chosen destination, we’ll take note about how physically active you want to be, how long you wish to travel, what activities interest you most, and some general information about your travel preferences.

This information helps us create an itinerary. After sharing, we can further collaborate to establish changes to best fit your needs.

Generally speaking, travel agents specialize in a wide range of destinations and typically hold the role of selling travel packages that have previously been created by tour operators!

On the other hand, tour operators are responsible for operating your trip through the booking and packaging of the various components of your tour such as your hotel, transportation, meals, guides, etc.

At JayBee Travel, we understand the importance of quality living accommodations when you travel. Safe and comfortable living arrangements can greatly benefit your overall experience. Because of this understanding, we ensure each accommodation focuses on quality amenities, comfort, and prime location.

Well, the good news is, traveling solo doesn’t mean you will be traveling alone! You will likely share your trip/tour with like-minded individuals who are just as excited and anxious to travel as you! With JayBee Travel, you can feel safe knowing your travel details are expertly covered.

If JayBee Travel cancels a trip/tour due to low registration numbers or any other reason, deposits will be refunded unless otherwise stated in the tour/trip agreement. Cancellations by tour/trip participants (not JayBee Travel) occurring two weeks prior to departure will be assessed a $50.00 handling fee, in addition to any other non-recoverable costs incurred by JayBee Travel on your behalf.

To be safest, it’s best to get in touch with us as early as possible. As trips/tours get closer to their departure date, availability can greatly decrease and budgeting could become an issue the closer we get to the departure date. It doesn’t hurt to contact us months in advance! 

For all trips outside of the United States, a passport will be required to cross the border whether travel is by land, air, or sea. Come October 1, 2021, every air traveler 18 years of age or older will need a REAL ID-compliant driver’s license, state-issued enhanced driver’s license, or another acceptable form of ID (i.e. passport) to fly within the United States.

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